Alldocube Thinker i35 review | Six million pixels and a notebook design to die for

The keep going time we minded a thing from Alldocube (once in the past known as Cube), we saw that the iWork 1X 2-in-1 tablet PC being alluded to as an ordinary performer yet with a fantastically ease. At the period of the review, it was the most affordable Windows convertible contraption to offer 4GB of RAM and 64GB installed amassing until it was suspended.

Alldocube Thinker i35 audit


Online Chinese retailer, Gearbest, sent us the model and sells the Alldocube Thinker i35 for essentially over £450 ($590) at the period of creating. Note that, while this expense consolidates transport, it is prohibitive of any costs that may be required by HMRC or the dispatch associations in light of a legitimate concern for the trader. Need to buy tech from online Chinese retailers? Scrutinize this first.

However, with the Thinker i35, the Chinese startup is pointing higher with sections, produce quality and a sticker value that are unequivocally away for the all the more remunerating mid-grandstand part.


The Thinker i35 encourages us to recall an undeniably rich variation of the Chuwi LapBook 12.3. Alldocube’s originators settled on a magnesium mix for the PC’s body; open it up and you will experience a gigantic 13.5-inch LCD board, proportional to Microsoft’s Surface Book.

It is a touchscreen model with a 3000 x 2000 objectives, the most raised on any non-stamped PC we’ve attempted to date, a noteworthy achievement given the general mystery of Alldocube. Pushing for all intents and purposes triple the proportion of pixels of a Full HD board is most likely going to mean the locally available structures subsystem will persevere.

What intrigues the PC more is its 3:2 perspective extent, which suggests that vertically, it almost organizes the objectives of a 4K appear (2K versus 2.16K pixels). You end up with a squarer shape than a standard widescreen, clearly, with the grandstand and the incorporating dull bezels verified with glass, looking an incredible arrangement like the 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

That changes over into a greater than-ordinary impression. At 313 x 237 x 14mm and with a weight of barely short of 1.7kg, this notebook is chunkier than we’d envision. ‘Thick’ is the word we’d use to delineate what one may feel while lifting this model up, fairly in view of the full-metal body.

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The screen is a touch model which explains why the introduction is so savvy. Other than the Thinker logo ostensibly of the introduction board, there’s no notice to the Alldocube brand wherever on the i35’s case. The twofold speakers are arranged underneath (or behind) the long turn that welds the board to the base unit.

Alldocube Thinker i35 survey

There’s one USB 3.0 port on each side with a Type-C connector open as well (notwithstanding a sound connector). The USB Type-C connector can be used for charging and for introduction/data as well. There’s no HDMI connector or card per client, a hopeful move more as per Apple’s moderate system than Microsoft’s.

Note that there are no fans as the entire underside of the PC goes about as a heatsink, in spite of the way that Alldocube has arranged four flexible feet on the base to lift the base and support wind stream.


CPU: Intel Core m3-7Y30 twofold focus 2.6GHz

Plans: Intel HD Graphics 615

Pummel: 8GB LPDDR3

Screen: 13.5-inch 3000 x 2000 objectives touchscreen

Limit: 256GB SATA SSD

Ports: 2 x USB Type-A, 1 x USB Type-C, sound jack

Accessibility: 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2

Camera: 2MP front webcam

Weight: 1.69kg

Measure: 313 x 237 x 14mm (W x D x H)

Battery: 50Whr


The totally secured IPS show remains the whiz: it is mind blowing, and staggering in the total of its immovability – because of a high pixel thickness (267ppi) – notwithstanding it’s unbelievable at shading expansion. Exactly as expected, it supports the Microsoft Surface Pen N-Trig since it has a comparative digitizer development as the Surface Book.

Regardless, six million pixels requires a great deal of representations capacity and that is the inspiration driving why something to some degree beefier than the run of the mill Pentium CPU was grasped. See the Intel Core m3-7Y30, a processor that passes on a $281 prescribed retail cost, and packs an Intel HD Graphics 615 video subsystem.

There’s in like manner 8GB of structure RAM (low power DDR3) and a 256GB SSD, yet a SATA3 model instead of PCIe.


The i35 was never going to execute similarly as a totally fledged Core i3 or Core i5 controlled scratch pad. The manner in which that it uses a PixelSense show suggests that a couple of exchange offs must be made when it went to the choice of portions: for example, there aren’t a ton of processors with an extraordinary outlines subsystem and low power use.

The manner in which that this workstation uses a SATA SSD, as well, over-burden a part of the benchmarks we attempted the i35 on. Basically be mindful about the battery life since six million pixels will eat through the battery conventionally quick.

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We regulated 3 hours 34 minutes in our standard registration YouTube video test, not the most tedious of benchmarks, in any case, one that regardless requires a Wi-Fi system and pushes brightness to 100%. Decreasing the screen objectives and the splendor will help crush out more noteworthy life expectancy.


Here’s the way the Alldocube Thinker i35 performed in our suite of benchmark tests:

Passmark: 2122

Passmark CPU: 3905

CPU-Z: 254 (single-string); 704 (multi-string)

Geekbench: 3272 (single-focus); 6096 (multi-focus); 16152 (figure)

Cinebench: OpenGL: 34.7 fps; CPU: 235

CrystalDiskMark: 487 MBps (read); 490 MBps (create)

Novabench: 794

Atto: 539 MBps (read, 256mb); 528 MBps (create, 256mb)

Sisoft Sandra (KPT): 5.5

Windows Experience Index: 6.8

UserBenchmark (higher is better): 77

Note that the touchpad arranges a special imprint peruser which comes in accommodating.

Using the stylus with the i35 was a doddle yet recall this is definitely not a convertible device, which infers that you won’t more likely than not draw properly on the screen aside from in the event that you hold it unequivocally (or put something behind it to keep the introduction from wobbling).


There isn’t any veritable test to the i35. The Surface Book costs a couple of times more than the Thinker, and the Chuwi Hi13, a potential adversary, encounters a frustrating course of action of fragments (Celeron CPU, eMMC storing, only 4GB of RAM). Comparative weaknesses load Chuwi’s lapbook 12.3, another section level PC with a 3:2 point extent.

To put it minimalistically, despite everything we can’t find a PC that is advantageous with a high screen objective and a low sticker cost. The Asus ZenBook UX510UW and the Microsoft Surface Laptop remain our recommended choices for those scanning for a progressively secure UK-based decision.


For what reason would you go for the i35? Everything considered, if you have to get a handle on the sort of experience that the Surface Book passes on, by then, the Alldocube Thinker justifies a chance.

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