Dell Precision 5520 review

Dell’s Precision scratchpad are flexible workstations, which has inferred that introduction used to exceed feel – yet these days that isn’t the circumstance.

Dell Precision 5520 survey

This machine presents incredible sections inside a structure cut from smooth metal and carbon fiber, and it’s dainty and light.

We’ve inspected the entry level Precision 5520, yet don’t think this machine is weak – it’s still got a standout amongst Intel’s latest processors and Nvidia delineations.


CPU: 2.5GHz Intel Core i5-7300HQ (quad-focus, 6MB store, up to 3.5GHz with Turbo Boost)

Representations: Nvidia Quadro M1200

Crush: 8GB DDR4

Screen: 15.6-inches, 1,920 x 1,080 non-contact IPS

Limit: 256GB Toshiba XG3 SSD

Optical drive: No

Ports: 2 x USB 3.0, Combo sound jack, HDMI, SD card peruser

System: Intel Dual-Band Wireless – AC 7260, Gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth 4.1

Camera: 720p Webcam

Weight: 3.9 pounds (1.78kg)

Gauge: 0.86 x 14.1 x 9.2inches, 22 x 357 x 235mm (H x W x D)


The model we’ve investigated is the UK’s passageway level scratch cushion. Its Core i5-7300HQ has four 2.5GHz focuses Turbo Boost to 3.5GHz, notwithstanding, there’s no Hyper-Threading – so Core i7 machines will be better for playing out numerous assignments.


The memory is mixed. There’s 8GB presented, notwithstanding, it’s singular single-channel, and it doesn’t have ECC insistence.

The CPU is joined by a Nvidia Quadro M1200, which has 640 stream processors, a 1,093MHz focus and 4GB of memory – and, fundamentally, it’s ISV-affirmed.

Elsewhere, there’s a 256GB SSD, the machine is verified by a three-year certification, and it has TPM 2.0.

It’s a fine assurance, yet matches offer more. The HP ZBook Studio G3 has a Xeon processor, 32GB of memory, a 4K screen and a greater SSD, and the MSI WS63 has a predominant Quadro GPU, a Core i7 processor and 16GB of RAM. Both are beefier, notwithstanding the way that they cost around £400 more than the Dell.

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Our Precision costs £2,101, and each section can be changed. A couple of Core i7 chips are open and there are Xeons, with the E3-1505M adding £270 to the expense.

Increasing the memory costs £130, and there are twelve amassing decisions. Climbing to a 4K screen incorporates £253, and the battery can be increased for £37.

Dell’s US approach is unprecedented. The firm sells four central Precision models, with less modifying.

The most sensible machine costs $1,399 and has a Core i5-7440HQ, composed delineations, a major hard circle, and a 1080p screen. The $1,649 adjustment climbs to a Core i7-7820HQ and the Quadro M1200, and the $2,279 machine incorporates more memory, a 256GB SSD and a three-year ensure.

The priciest US variation costs $2,979 and it has a Xeon processor, 32GB of memory, a 512GB SSD and the Quadro. Notwithstanding that, it holds the 1080p screen.

To get 4K you’ll have to consume $299. A few changes are open to limit and battery limit, in any case, that is it for customization.


The gunmetal spread stretches out to the board’s inclined edges, and within is canvassed in carbon fiber. The two-tone design looks radiant, and create quality is extraordinary: the wrist-rest and the base barely flex, and the flimsy screen shows amazing quality.

Dell has fabricated this tough structure without making it monstrous. Its 1.78kg weight undermines the two adversaries, regardless of the way that its 22mm body makes it a bit thicker. It’s not by any stretch of the imagination a dealbreaker, in any case – this machine can, regardless, be adequately passed on.

It’s in like manner critical the Precision’s width of 350mm, which makes it a few centimeters littler than enemies – achieved by pressing the 15.6in screen inside a 14in case.

The Precision 5520 has two USB 3 ports and a Thunderbolt affiliation close-by a battery pointer and card per client, yet no DisplayPort. There are advantageous applications to manage battery and control, and the Precision Optimizer has profiles for ordinary work gadgets, like CAD and visual delineation utilities.

Less incredibly, there isn’t any inside access and the battery can’t be emptied.


The Dell has a lit up support with an incredible movement: the gets debilitate with consistency and comfort, so it’s definitely not hard to get up to speed. There’s very little travel, yet that doesn’t have any kind of effect – the stone-solid base and brilliant development give abundant analysis.

It’s not immaculate; there’s no space for a number pad, the Return key is simply single-stature, and the cursor gets are little.

Dell has presented a Precision touchpad here, which suggests it supports the full extent of two-and three-fingered movements. The surface is smooth and accurate, and the gets are satisfyingly clicky.

The Core i5 processor and Nvidia GPU will manage for all intents and purposes all assignments, yet they’re Dell’s passageway level parts despite the Precision’s £2,101 (around $2700, AU$3400) cost – in this manner they now and again suffer when stood out from various workstations that cost just fairly more.

The Dell Precision 5520’s GeekBench single-focus eventual outcome of 4,004 is incredible, for instance, in any case, the MSI WS63 and its Core i7-7700HQ processor was better by around 800 appreciation to its Hyper-Threading – a thought that will play out different errands.

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The nonappearance of Hyper-Threading impacts on the multi-focus test, where the Dell scored a solid 10,404 – anyway the MSI was five thousand points speedier, while the HP ZBook Studio G3 and its quad-focus CPU was practically three thousand snappier.

Clearly, Dell’s passage level machine can be adjusted to fuse for all intents and purposes indistinguishable processors, be that as it may, that will extend the cost to a comparable sort of level as both foe machines – or altogether higher, dependent upon what you pick.

The Nvidia GPU gives a lift to graphical errands. In the Cinebench plans test the Precision supervised 89.65fps, yet the MSI and HP machines were snappier. Even more pleasingly, Dell’s 3DMark Fire Strike score of 3,889 is 500 better than the HP.

The Dell Precision 5520 doesn’t arrange enemies in specific benchmarks, in any case, we didn’t expect this entry level model to opponent machines with Core i7 chips – and it’s not direct, in any case.

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The Core i5 processor has enough ability to manage everything aside from the most genuine applications, and the Quadro GPU still brings photo modifying and video work into view. It’s also worth reviewing Dell’s expansive customization decisions.

It has a solid life expectancy, also. Its PC Mark battery outcome of two hours and 40 minutes snuck before the HP, and it continued for around seven hours in a video test – so with a bit of mindful power the board, this machine is anything but far from a whole day from the mains.

Dell’s machine continued running without warm issues. The CPU never throttled, and the tumult never wound up nosy. That is a clearly better specialist’s report that the hot, crying HP.


The 1080p IPS board exhibited solid benchmarks. It’s 1,718:1 separation extent is stunning, and the mechanical office splendor measurement of 378cd/m2 is astoundingly awesome. Dialing the brightness down to a reasonable 150cd/m2 saw separate remain amazing at 1,666:1, and dull measurements are remarkable.

The Dell Precision 5520 passed on a typical Delta E of 2.21 – another solid expect that shows extremely careful tones.

Drill down, be that as it may, and the Precision 5520’s shading execution transforms into fairly wayward. The temperature of 7,627K is fresh and plunders the screen of warmth.

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Those results aren’t reasonable, yet they do mean the Precision 5520 isn’t actually adequate for shading sensitive work.

The speakers are normal. There’s not so much any bass, either.


There’s a shocking bundle to acknowledge about Dell’s master flexible. It’s light and barely thicker than the test – so it’s definitely not hard to use out on the town.

The battery is extraordinary, too – almost offering a whole day of usage a long way from the mains

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