Jumper EZBook 3 Pro review | An affordable laptop with a better-than-average design

Chinese creator Jumper is a bit of another surge of forceful PC/tablet new organizations that need to flood the world with moderate quality items straight from their handling plants in Shenzhen and elsewhere in landscape China.

Jumper EZBook 3 Pro audit

Online Chinese retailer, Gearbest, sent us the model and sells the EZBook 3 Pro for barely short of $230 beginning at July ninth. Note that while this expense consolidates transport, it is select of any evaluations that may be demanded by HMRC or the errand person associations for the shipper. Need to buy tech from online Chinese retailers? Scrutinize this first.

The EZBook 3 Pro (additionally called the LB10) is the latest item from Jumper and is an accentuation of the EZBook 3 and the EZBook 2 that we looked.

Like its precursor, the EZBook 3 Pro doesn’t cover the wellspring of its inspiration. It is clearly all around overwhelmingly influenced by Apple’s noteworthy MacBook Air, even more expressly the 13-inch model.


The EZBook 2 was unobtrusive (£164 at the period of making – that is around $220) anyway the EZBook 3 Pro trips the expense up higher to £208 ($280).


Some segment of the inspiration driving why Jumper raised the expense is that it has moved to a full metal body with a chrome effect edge running all around the case, which fortifies the outstanding look of the contraption while making it altogether sturdier than the past model. No awful things to state here – especially given the £200 sticker cost of this PC.

It is both lighter and more diminutive due to the usage of a 13.3-inch appear, rather than the 14-inch screen of the EZBook 2. At 315 x 209 x 15mm, its impression is hardly more prominent than an A4 sheet, and at barely short of 1.4kg, it is still noticeably flexible.

Look at it sideways and you’ll see the diminished profile made unmistakable by the MacBook Air. There are three ports on each side of the EZBook 3 Pro: two USB 3.0 ports, one microSD card, one HDMI and one sound port, close by a restrictive power connector.

Also, likewise with most MacBook Air clones, the power catch is arranged on the upper right-hand side of the support; envision no tremendous awes from the last referenced (or from the touchpad other than). A little screen has incited some unwanted trade offs like the nonappearance of Home/End/PageUp/PageDown keys (you can truly use the jolt keys for these fairly) or the forsaken rejection of the benefit CTRL key.

The three status lights are found essentially under the single turn near to two mouthpieces. Underneath are four flexible feet, two speaker grilles and 10 screws which hold the base together. Remove these and you’ll find the sections and a noteworthy battery that includes an enormous segment of the accessible locale.

Brownie centers around Jumper for picking a pitiful bezel for the grandstand to wipe out the device’s size as much as humanly possible. Regardless, this is no Dell XPS 13 with respect to bezel slimness.


CPU: Intel Celeron N3450 (quad-focus, 2MB store, 1.1GHz to 2.2GHz lift)

Delineations: Intel HD Graphics 500

Crush: 6GB DDR3 (800MHz)

Screen: 13.3-inch FHD appear

Limit: 64GB eMMC memory

Ports: 1 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 3.0 w/PowerShare, SD card per client, sound jack, HDMI

Accessibility: 802.11ac Wi-Fi; Bluetooth 4.0

Camera: 2MP HD webcam

Weight: 1.39kg

Measure: 315 x 208.5 x 15mm (W x D x H)

Assurance: year

Battery: 48Whr/9.6Ah


There are no curveballs here. The sections used by the EZBook 3 Pro are in a general sense equivalent to what we’ve seen from any similarity to Chuwi’s lapbook 12.3, the Teclast X3 Plus, the Chuwi Hi13 or the Onda Xiaoma 31.

Blame this nonattendance for grouped assortment for economies of scale and the manner in which that Intel has inconspicuously moved a long way from the Atom brand (the last X-game plan purchaser processor returns to mid-2016), with the chip goliath directly driving the Celeron CPU as the favored section level processor.

A few central focuses: this diary uses a nonexclusive nCard eMMC storing module and the Celeron N3450 is a breaking little processor which should be as fantastic as a fifth period Core M CPU like the M-5Y31 which filled the essential Apple MacBook, especially as it has four authentic focuses and a higher base repeat.

With the processor having a 6W TDP and 2MB store, nearby fused Intel HD Graphics 500 (planned at 200MHz, impacting to 700MHz) notwithstanding twofold channel RAM, the EZBook 3 Pro should give a decent entry level workstation design.

Note that while Gearbest’s spec page says that you can overhaul the memory to 8GB, we question it given the degree of the contraption, notwithstanding how the two channels are starting at now populated with 3GB of DDR-1600 structure memory.


The IPS show created handy tones with reasonable survey focuses. It’s matte suggesting that you should have the alternative to see content on it outside, notwithstanding the way that it isn’t particularly splendid. A full HD objective on a 13.3-inch show is our favored blend, achieving a higher than ordinary pixel thickness, which changes over into increasingly sharp pictures and substance.

The reassure shows some flex, which shouldn’t be of worry aside from on the off chance that you will by and large kind intensely. Keys are reasonably scattered and have a tolerable info/balance without being unreasonably ruthless or springy. It’s incredible to see full-measure Shift keys, in any case, it’s a disrespect that there is no ‘print screen’ get.

The touchpad is responsive as well, with maybe a great deal qualification between the palm rest level and its surface for our liking. Tapping on the benefit or left catch delivers a conspicuous sound, which is what we’d expect (and need). Jumper furthermore bundles a free piece of programming called Touchpad-blocker which squares impromptu snaps while creating on the support.

Exactly as expected, you won’t be wowed by the sound leaving the speakers or the idea of the full HD webcam; the last juts from the most astounding purpose of the introduction bezel, which is something of a quirk.


Here’s the way by which the Jumper EZBook 3 Pro performed in our suite of benchmark tests:

Passmark: 736

Passmark CPU: 1868

CPU-Z: 672 (single-string); 2456 (multi-string)

Geekbench: 1431 (single-focus); 4310 (multi-focus); 7522 (register)

Cinebench: OpenGL: 11.96 fps; CPU: 135

CrystalDiskMark: 66.34 MBps (read); 39.95 MBps (make)

Novabench: 602

Atto: 85 MBps (read, 256mb); 61 MBps (make, 256mb)

Sisoft Sandra (KPT): 2.15

Windows Experience Index: Did not run

UserBenchmark (higher is better): 46


The Celeron CPU helps the EZBook 3 Pro best any fighting Atom-based contraptions effectively with respect to sheer process control. On the downside, the limit subsystem is another story completely – just all over have we believed something to be moderate as this. You can, in any case, replace it by virtue of a free M.2 opening (yet, shockingly, this isn’t successfully accessible like on the Onda Xiaoma 31). Everything considered, evidently this is an important Achilles’ heel for this by and large altogether capable workstation.

Concerning battery life, we managed a reasonable 5 hours 9 minutes on our standard YouTube registration video test at 100% splendor on default control saving settings (yet with rest modes crippled).


The Jumper EZBook 3 Pro starting at now faces some solidified test anyway remains one of our top decisions adjacent Chuwi’s lapbook 12.3 and the Onda Xiaoma 31, especially for what it’s value, at the period of making, the most affordable model to wear the standard 6GB/64GB combo.

It passes on a punchy execution especially in this esteem reach out with the extra bit of leeway of a famous structure. We treasured the comfort (yet long for the missing keys), hail Jumper for offering some upgradability decisions and can simply offer a noteworthy proceed for the structure and sharp evaluating here.

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